Hyde Park Assembly #2377


                                                                         2020/21 Columbian Year


             Faithful Navigator             -  S.K. Peter Cipriano 

               Faithful  Friar                    -  Fr Peter Vianney

               Faithful Captain               - S.K. Charlie Kanz

               Faithful Pilot                     - S.K. Edwin Christianson

               Faithful Admiral               -S.K. Paul Baczek

               Faithful Comptroller       - S.K. Anthony Cappillino,Jr

               Faithful Purser                 - S.K. Philip Williams

               Faithful Scribe                  -S.K.  Stephen Pemberton

               Faithful Inner Sentinal   -S.K. Patrick Philipbar

               Faithful Outer Sentinal - S.K. Steve Jasmin

               Trustees                             - S.K. William Ryan (3 yr)

                                                              S.K. Joe Serensics (2 yr)

                                                              S.K. Keith Armbrust (1 yr)


Assembly #2377 meets every 2nd Wednesday at 7 p.m.. Some activities the Assembly sponsors or co-sponsors with the Council are:


Patriotic Essay Contest

Veterans Day Event

Super Bowl Party

Annual Communion Breakfast

Hyde Park 4th of July Parade


 Additionally the Assembly is building a new Color Corp under the leadership of Commander Charlie Kanz, which provides color guard and honor guard services to several parishes during the year as needed.